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South African Institute of Materials Handling

Welcome to the South African Institute of Materials Handling website which provides advise, training and professional services in the complete sphere of materials handling.

The SAIMH is a non-profit organisation which was formed in 1974 to promote the advancement of technology in fields such as bulk and unit handling, stacking and storage, transport and shipping and waste recycling. The SAIMH also offers technical support and training to Technicon and University students, in the form of assistance with projects and research. This assistance is gladly extended to those who are already working in the materials handling industry.

As a member of the SAIMH you have access to industry specialists as well as technical documentation, both historic and current, that have been gathered during local and international seminars and conferences, research and testing. Members are also able to engage the services of the institute for their own research.

The SAIMH is able to offer training and tuition for students, technicians and working personnel, both in the classroom and on site. Tuition for those already operating and maintaining plant, have proved beneficial in reducing operating costs and increasing equipment availability/longevity.

The SAIMH endeavours to keep its members abreast of improvements and innovations in the industry, and in conjunction with the Conveyor Manufacturers Association, hold forums and publish papers on such matters.

In a conscious effort to promote engineering in general as a career, the SAIMH is able to offer classroom presentations to schools and colleges which highlights the numerous avenues which can be embarked upon as a career and how each of these work within a typical engineering EPCM project. We have found this in the past to be of significant help to students and alike.


The South African Institute of Materials Handling serves the bulk and unit materials handling industry. It comprises of single qualified members and companies who design, manufacture and commission complete materials handling systems. Members also include manufacturers and suppliers of items and components for use in such systems.